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The second cruck frame  from the Hall House going up as the Barn end gable
Another picture of The Barn going up
All cruck frames up for The Barn
The roof going on
The Barn more or less complete - just the slates to go on
The raising of the rest of the cruck frames from the Hall House to make The Barn; they went up in a day, like the Amish!
The foundations of the consevatory
The conservatory half built
The conservatory complete
A view taken in the Garden Room looking towards the conservatory
Inside the conservatory

The building of the conservatory. The 4th photograph is taken inside the Garden Room looking into the conservatory.
You can see how it is open into the room. The last photograph is inside the conservatory itself.

The hole in the ground to the west of the main house which will become a pond
The foundations of the pond
The concrete going into the pond
Some soil being put in the pond for irises etc
The pond complete

The pond. In the 1st photograph you can see the hole in the ground where the old cellar was . The rest are self explanatory.


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