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In 2000 we entered into a competition for self-build houses organised by the Daily Telegraph and the Homebuilding and Renovating magazine. There weren't many such magazines when we built our house but it is now one of the most interesting and helpful publications for anyone wishing to pursue a self-build project. There were a number of categories to chose from so we went in for the "Traditional House " section and won!. We were invited to Canary Wharf for the presentation of the overall winner and were given lunch and a tour around the offices of the Daily Telegraph. We were also introduced to the then editor, Charles Moore, a charming man.

A professional photographer, Nigel Rigden came here for the day to take photographs for the magazine and they are magnificent. All the photographs in the Gallery Prize winners! are his. They have been reduced here so the quality doesn't show up as well as it did in the magazine. However, they are much better than ours and show the property when it was finally completed. A link to his site can be found on the Contact Us page.

Please go there now but don't forget to look at his photographs first!


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