Stage One

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Internal view of Main House
View of the roof space in the Main House
Another view of the inside of the Main House
.... and another
.... and another
A few internal views of the property when we bought it.
The small barn (The Hafod) with the roof tiles gone
The Hafod stripped down to the timber
Gable end propped up
Putting the end gable on The Hafod
View from inside The Hafod looking  towards Main House to be

Pictures of the small barn, The Hafod showing work in progress, the last one taken from the inside looking west.

The Main House partly dismantled
using the crane to lift a truss
Meirion Thomas dismantling the Main House
Main house being dismantled with a crane
The Main House down to its foundations

The dismantling of the main House. That's Meirion Thomas in the centre picture!


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