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We have two cruck frames in the main house. You will have seen one of them, the old cruck in the About Crucks page. All the plans, and drawings and diagrams we have made can also be found in the Plans and Maps page.

The Old cruck was originally the centre part of a medieval hall which, when recovered, was smoke blacked from the fire that would have burnt in the hearth in the centre of the room. It is about 500 years old. It now occupies the middle of our drawing room. The pictures of this operation are in Gallery Stage 2. The remainder of the building from which the old cruck was recovered was re-erected and now forms The Barn (our garage). There are three crucks in this building. See later in the Extras page and Gallery.

The second cruck is new. It was made from an oak tree felled for a road improvement scheme. The conversion of this curved tree covered in bark to a cruck frame of the correct size was an interesting operation. The trunk was taken to the local sawmill and put on a conveyor to be sliced through lengthways. Each slice took 40 minutes to complete. Three slices were made, the first to take away the top layer of bark, the second through the middle and the last through the bottom layer of the bark. The two centre sections (blades) were delivered in this form to us with the bark still on them! We set about them with chain saws etc. to make this new cruck which is now the centre frame in our two-bay sitting room. To see some photographs of this operation, go to Gallery Getting There.

Click here to see a drawing of the new cruck.

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