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The Hall House covered in corrugated iron
Showing the crucks in situ in the Hall House
A view of the cruck frames in the Hall House after the roof has been taken off
The cruck frame to be used in The  Barn  (our garage) being lifted
The cruck frame to go in our drawing room being lifted
The Hall House from which the first cruck frame came - yes, it's hidden underneath all that corrugated iron. The cruck
in the fourth picture will form the end of the barn and the cruck in the fifth will go in the centre of our drawing room.
The first cut of the tree which will become our new cruck frame
Another picture of the tree on the conveyor
The two new pieces for the new cruck frame being separated
One slice of the tree
The two blades being worked on back home

The tree trunk for the new cruck frame being sliced down the middle and separated in the sawmill.
It is then made up back home in our Coach House.

The old cruck frame waiting to be lifted up on the new site
A view of the old cruck frame, the sheer legs and the Range Rover in the corner
The old cruck frame half way up
The old cruck frame nearly there
The old cruck frame finally up
The first part of the reconstruction. The old cruck frame goes up!
Note the Range Rover in Photographs 1 and 2, acting as an anchor point for the winch.

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