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Stage 2 - the reconstruction begins


woodpecker on tree


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The foundations were constructed by a local builder. We had recovered a quantity of stone from the old buildings and this was used to build a plinth which forms the lowest section of the walls. On top of this we laid old coping stones sourced locally. The timber frame was erected on the top of this plinth wall.

The cruck Frames are the most interesting part of the renovation. We used sheerlegs to erect the timber frames and crucks. If you would like to know why we used sheerlegs or learn more about cruck frames, please choose the particular pyramid button below. Otherwise click the third button to continue the story.

pyrimid bullet What are sheerlegs?

pyrimid bullet About Cruck Frames.

pyrimid bulletThe story of our two main Crucks.

Photos in the Gallery stage 2 include:

5 views of the Hall House where the old crucks came from
5 of the tree trunk from which the new cruck is made
5 of the old cruck going up

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