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There's a Woodpecker Eating our House

A story of the reconstruction of an oak framed barn into
a Hall House
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Home Page

The T-shaped barn viewed from the north east, the small barn on the left
The T-shaped barn viewed from the west
The small barn when we bought it

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The Location is Montgomeryshire in the Welsh Marches and the project started in 1990. We were living in a house which had become too large for us so we searched around for somewhere smaller but not too small. We came upon an oak framed, T-shaped barn with another small barn to the east of it. The old farmhouse had been demolished some years earlier. These buildings stood on a perfect site with views in all directions and were located near the centre of about 46 acres of pasture and woodland. It was decided that the T-shaped barn should be dismantled and reconstructed but the small barn was to be renovated in situ.

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