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The first truss ready to be lifted
The second truss going up
The second truss being placed
View of the two trusses with the cruck frame in the middle
All five trusses up plus the cruck frame
In photograph 1, the first truss is ready to be lifted; photographs 2 and 3 show the second truss going up using the sheerlegs. In the 4th both are in place on either side of the old cruck frame. In the final one all 5 trusses are up in the north end of the main house plus the old cruck frame second from this end.
The new cruck frame being created on the ground
The new cruck frame now going up
The new cruck frame up
Truss ready to be lifted at the south gable
View showing new cruck frame in relation to the other trusses

From the left, the new cruck frame almost complete and then raised in the centre of the sitting room on the south side of the house. In the last photograph you can see it sitting in the second bay from the end.

A view of the Main House growing
Another view of the Main House  with the two dormer windows now in place
The old cruck frame in the drawing room
The fire place in the drawing room
A view of the Main House with the slates on the roof and the south end weatherboarded

2 photographs demonstrating more progress including 2 dormer windows in place; in the 3rd, the old cruck frame inside the drawing room. The 4th is of the drawing room fireplace - note the oak floor. In the 5th you can see the weather boarding and the slates now on the roof of the main house.


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